Eat It You Can

Eat It You Can is designed to make it simple to find foods that are safe for you and your loved ones' food allergies. Rather than going to a store and checking each item one by one for allergens, our app allows you to say which ingredients you don't want and it does the work for you! All items that are returned in searches are automatically filtered to be only items that are safe for you!

I couldn't tell you how long we've stood in the grocery aisle searching for foods that were safe to us to have around Lincoln before we finally got fed up - there had to be a better way! We believe we've created that way. Now it literally takes just seconds to find products when we're craving something new. As quickly as we can type 'cookies' into the search bar, we have dozens of delicious options pop up on the screen and we know every one is safe for him.

What's It Do?

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