Simon and have so much to do with making this app a possibility! His program and website are what taught me to make an app. While I did have some programming experience, it was pretty minimal, and had nothing to do with the Swift language or iOS apps. Not only did his tutorial teach me, Simon actually responded to my emails! As I was developing and had questions on how to proceed, he actually came back with answers when I reached out to him. If anyone is thinking about making iOS apps, please consider purchasing his program on - you won't regret it!

  • Molly Beavers
  • Katie Frederick
  • Rachel M.

Along with being a personal favorite in our household, Enjoy Life Foods was also the first company to support us! They sponsored a giveaway of a beautiful $50 gift basket filled with delicious Enjoy Life products just two weeks after we got the app on the App Store! While we would have loved to have the basket ourselves, it was wonderful to give it away to a fan on Facebook. We are grateful to them for their support and also for them to care enough to make products that are safe for just about everyone! All Enjoy Life Foods products are certified gluten-free, verified non-GMO, and free-from the top 8 common allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, egg, dairy, soy, fish & shellfish. We hope to be able to serve the food allergen community as well as they have!

Special Thank-you's

Eat It You Can

How I Learned to Make an App

Our Beta Testers

Amber Hurd earned this title on the very first day of the app's release! (Even if she's not really an employee) The app still wasn't even searchable in the store and she had already shared the link and tagged multiple friends. This along with her continued support and encouragement while we were developing the app has earned her the title and our gratitude.

First thank-you has to be to God. He has blessed us with so much and given us such abundant opportunity to even be able to start this venture. He gave us Lincoln and even though we thought his food allergies were a bad thing in the beginning, God meant it for good. It has been such a blessing to us to be able to work on something together that we are passionate about and can help others. He blessed us with the ability to keep George home for several months to develop the initial builds for the app - I am so thankful for the time to be with my kids while they still want to spend time with me.

  • Allan Randall
  • Laura Bustamante
  • Andrea Gass

Enjoy Life Foods

We had several friends that were willing to devote their time and effort towards making the initial build of this app one that was useful, functional, and didn't break when it was used. Their support helped to keep us motivated when things were overwhelming or frustrating and their friendships mean so much to us. In no particular order:

Our Lord and Saviour

"Employee of the Month"