There are several ways each and every person can help our venture - please read below to see all the options. Thank you so much for any help you provide!

Take a peek at our Acknowledgements page to see those who have given especially generous support to us.

How Can You Help?

Buying the app has so many implications! Of course there are the proceeds from the app that will help to support us and allow us to grow, but it's so much more than that. For one, it helps to keep us motivated - we created this app to help people and each person that gets the app and uses it is one more reason to get up and continue to make it better!

Also, the sooner we get a solid user base, the sooner we can intrigue companies to help support us and sponsor growth. We have some great ideas and we're sure more will be suggested by many of you! Once companies are willing to provide resources, we'll be able to implement things much more quickly. Right now, Season and George are both working at this part-time - in a dream world we'd be able to work on this full-time and really push this project to the stars! Every app purchase helps to make that dream reality.

If you know about a product that you love and we don't have it in our database, please tell us about it by Submitting the product in the app. We're working diligently towards expanding the number of products you can search through - we already have hundreds, but we want all of them! How nice would it be to literally have a grocery store custom-built in the palm of your hands? It can happen and you can help!

Eat It You Can


Get the Word Out!

Give Us Reviews and Feedback

Submit Your Favorite Products

We're just a family start-up trying to help people that have the same needs as us. We don't have the resources for major advertising to let people know this app is available. Thankfully, the food allergen community is a helpful one!

Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and Like, Comment, Subscribe, Follow - you know the drill. Social media is an amazing tool and our greatest ally is you! Simply letting people know the app is out here and getting the word spread is the single-most important thing you can do to help. You're not only helping us, but we believe you're helping the people that find the app.

Like what the app is doing for you? Give us a good review on the app store. Just like every purchase helps to keep us motivated, so do good reviews. Again, this project is about helping people and the more we hear about it helping, the more we want to continue to do so!

If you have an idea for how to make the app even better, let us know via the Contact Us page or email us from within the app itself. We have ideas and we're going to work towards making those ideas reality, but you are the one the app is for and so any ideas that you have are going to be the best!

Again, we're just a family that's trying to help. This is our first app and our first venture, so we recognize there is a lot of improvement to be made in both venues. Any advice you're willing to give, we're willing to hear!

We at KC Legacy are committed to making this app the best tool for reducing hassle in locating safe foods for allergies. Due to this, we have elected not to use random advertisements as a source of revenue. We don't want to introduce the risk of a random advertisement misleading people into thinking that food product is one that they've searched for.

As such, we are looking to food product manufacturers to help us in generating targeted, specific advertisements - especially for companies that excel in providing allergen-free products. Sponsorships could get your company's name out to a crowd that is looking specifically for your products as well as help the food allergy community as a whole. Send us a message via the Contact Us page if your company is willing to discuss opportunities in this area.

Are You a Company That's Looking to Help the Food Allergy Community?

Buy the App Of Course

First and foremost, please know that this is by no means required! We truly appreciate any generosity and the only reason we put this here is because friends have asked for the ability to do so. If your heart leads you to want to give financially, then you can do so via PayPal and send it to - We will definitely reach out to you if this is what you do, but also allow us to thank you here and now for any support, financial or otherwise.

All money received either through app purchases or generously sent will go towards supporting our family and helping grow this product.